Zero free throws

Wed, April 10th, 2024

The Opening Tip

  • The C’s and Bucks made weird NBA history last night

  • The best worst play ever has happened

  • There’s a playoff-level game tonight in the West

Must-watch games

1. The logical end to the crackdown on points

Last night, the Celtics and Bucks combined to shoot two free throws, which is as remarkable and unusual as it may sound. 

  • The Celtics, for their part, shot zero. That had never happened before. 

  • The two free throws is the lowest in any NBA game ever … by nine free throws. 

  • The one made free throw is the lowest in NBA history, too 

How? For one, the Celtics, whose lead over Milwaukee for the No. 1 seed shrunk with the loss to 14 games, were clearly half-assing it. They jacked 52 3s, 10 more than their NBA-high average.

But … they also had 41 shots in the paint; Milwaukee added 35 shots in the paint. Only one of those 76 combined paint looks ended in free throw attempts.

So … a lazy mid-April game with a lot of 3s, plus a drastic example of the refs’ recent directive to crack down on scoring/foul hunting = an extreme historic outlier.

Also, you’re telling us this isn’t a foul? 

2. Daily GIF: The forbidden alley-oop

The screenshot is even funnier.

3. Trivia

Who is the active leader in career games played without a playoff appearance?

• Lauri Markkanen

• Collin Sexton

• Buddy Hield

• Thaddeus Young

Guess, click and see if you're right.

4. The duality of superstar

We’re siding with Ant here. The Wolves and Nuggets, who have the same record with three games left, play tonight in a defacto matchup for the No. 1 seed.

Related: The standings in the West are simply chaotic.

Quick hits

  • The Grizzlies scored in the end, but watch Wemby break their brains on a 3-on-1. 

  • Giannis’ non-contact injury from last night does not appear to be serious. 

  • Chuck​​ on the Suns: ‘The leaders are not leading. They're weak mentally. They’re just really soft.’

  • Related: The Suns were down 35-4 at one point last night. 

  • Great news for Wolves fans on KAT’s health. 

  • The Lakers are now +200 to make the playoffs after last night’s loss vs. the Warriors. 

  • The orange Suns fan guy? Turns out he’s bad.

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