Poor New York celebs

Wed, May 1st, 2024

The Opening Tip

  • More 76ers-Knicks, please

  • An exciting Cavs-Magic moment

  • The Lakers are still all-in on LeBron

Tonight’s playoff games

1. Unfortunately, the footage of angry, shell-shocked New Yorkers on celebrity row is very funny

Patrick Ewing, moments before disaster

The Knicks and 76ers played a classic playoff game last night, which Philly won in OT thanks to a miraculous run by Tyrese Maxey of seven points in 17 seconds to close regulation.

Before Maxey went nuclear, with the Knicks up six with one minute and then 28.2 seconds left, the camera panned to a euphoric crowd, including famous former Knicks Patrick Ewing, Carmelo Anthony, LaTrell Sprewell, Marcus Camby, John Starks and Larry Johnson.

After Maxey went nuclear, it felt like a scene from right after the apocalypse in This Is the End (minus Michael Cera): Confused/angry famous people everywhere. Scenes:

  • Jon Stewart staring blankly as Tyrese Maxey admired his masterpiece. 

  • Tracy Morgan flipping off Maxey. 

  • Ben Stiller hissing at Maxey. 

Anyways, us 76ers-Knicks nonpartisans are truly blessed to get at least one more of these games. 

[WATCH: 76ers-Knicks Game 5 highlights]

2. Daily GIF: This also happened last night

The first four games of Magic-Cavs could have been simmed without many people noticing. Last night was actually a good one, capped by a game-sealing savant-level block by Evan Mobley. 

[WATCH: Cavs-Magic Game 5 highlights]

3. Trivia

How many playoff series has Luka Doncic won in his NBA career?




• Four

Guess, click and see if you're right.

4. The Lakers are going to triple-down on 39-year-old LeBron

The Lakers’ season ended on Monday night. The front office has already made clear they’re still in the LeBron business.

According to reports …

  • The Lakers are willing to give LeBron a three-year, $164M deal, which would take him through his age 42 season. 

  • The Lakers are also ‘very open’ to drafting Bronny James, who averaged 4.8 PPG on 36.1 percent shooting on a bad USC team last year. 

Drafting someone who is not an NBA prospect to appease his legendary father is, of course, insane.

Paying a 42-year-old $50M-plus is also probably less than well-advised, especially when the current team isn’t close to a title contender.

But overpaying superstars for past performance and running a glamor franchise poorly only to stumble into a great player in free agency has long been the Lakers’ modus operandi.

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